Luxoft New Offices

Luxoft are one of the worlds leading provider of high-end software development services.

They were looking to expand and relocate their UK London office to 44 Featherstone Street and we joined forces with Prestige Interiors in Shepperton to put together a proposal.

We surveyed the new space and put together a design and costing proposal which we presented back to the client.

Not long after we were selected to undertake the works and put together a scope of works for delivering the project. One of the unusual aspects of this project was the great use of cabled support technology using powered USB’s on each desk top, HDMI for the boardroom. We liaised closely with Luxoft Management/ IT and their interior designer, in Eastern Europe, to achieve a layout they could be justifiably proud of.

As well as acting in the principle designer capacity under CDM we also installed all of the desking, bespoke reception soft seating, operator chairs, storage, meeting/conference and cable management.


Plans & Drawings

  • 15X030_006J-Canteen
  • 15X030_006J-Furniture--Flooring
  • 3D-Reception-Desk-03b
  • Reception


Finished Project

  • IMGP5430
  • IMGP5432
  • IMGP5434
  • IMGP5437
  • IMGP5438
  • IMGP5439
  • IMGP5440
  • IMGP5445
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