Eurosimm Commercial Office Design

Eurosimm are a 20 year old fast growing, successful IT Service provider based in the Rochdale area...

There was a requirement to increase the size of their warehouse and office accommodation together with a need for a purpose made presentation room.

Xpressive Interiors worked closely with Eurosimm right from the start to design all of the spaces to suit their future requirements. We presented back to them with space plans, mood boards and 3D visualisations of the 120 degree designs with many bespoke aspects.

Following design and space planning sign off we then became involved with the landlord and main contractor to produce detailed working drawings for mechanical, electrical partitioning, sections of elevations including mezzanine floor, most of the building was to be new build.

Xpressive Interiors followed the building work through to handover acting on behalf of the client. The final stage was to supply and install the office furniture double monitor arms and bespoke electrics.


Plans & Drawings

  • 13X040_001d-Furniture--Flooring
  • 13X040_010d-Furniture--Flooring
  • V2-Type-B-Leg-Silver--Santiago-Cherry
  • V3-Type-B-Leg-Silver--Santiago-Cherry
  • V4-Type-B-Leg-Silver--Santiago-Cherry


Finished Project

  • IMGP4890
  • IMGP4894
  • IMGP4897
  • IMGP4898
  • IMGP4900
  • IMGP4903
  • IMGP4908
  • IMGP4909
  • IMGP4911
  • IMGP4913
  • IMGP4915
  • IMGP4917
  • IMGP4918
  • IMGP4919
  • IMGP4922
  • IMGP4924
  • IMGP4941
  • IMGP4942
  • IMGP4953
  • IMGP4954
  • IMGP4957
  • IMGP4960
  • IMGP4961
  • IMGP4963
  • IMGP4964
  • IMGP4965
  • IMGP4966
  • IMGP4969
  • IMGP4970
  • IMGP4973
  • IMGP4974
  • IMGP4976
  • IMGP4981
  • IMGP4983
  • IMGP4984
  • IMGP4985
  • IMGP4986
  • IMGP4987
  • IMGP4988
  • IMGP4991
  • IMGP4996
  • IMGP4997
  • IMGP4998
  • IMGP4999
  • IMGP5001